Digital Railway Photography - a practical guide - jeremydesouza

Published in mid-2015, this book helps novices to railway photography learn more about their camera and improve their photography, while also offering the more experienced enthusiasts handy hints and tips. The book is available from Waterstones bookshops in the UK, from Amazon, or directly from the publishers by clicking here.  

Some reviews:

"As you would expect from any decent photography ‘how to" guide,  the book is full of good quality examples that showcase what can be achieved. But importantly and what we really like (often missed out of other books we’ve reviewed) is that De Souza has captioned each shot with the exact camera settings he used for each shot. This proves extremely valuable for those new to photography or just starting out.

The book also has a good section on the digital development process, allowing you to get an understanding as to what programmes can be used to achieve different results.  If railways or trains are a passion, but photography is new to you then this book serves as an excellent guide to getting into taking photos beyond the cursory snap on a mobile phone. Equally those of you that already have a lot of photography experience will appreciate the detail contained in the book to get a good understanding of how best to capture the number of railway opportunities in this country, let alone further afield."

Photography News, Nov 2015

"This book is likely to inspire anyone wanting to try new equipment, settings, locations and techniques they haven't considered previously...It is recommended to any railway fan wanting to make the leap from happy snapper to serious amateur."

Railways Illustrated, October 2015 issue

"This useful guide goes through the basics to help get more out of photographing railways.  The book covers everything required for newcomers to get started in railway photography, or for any remaining converts to digital cameras."

Rail Express, December 2015 issue

"Excellent book - very helpful advice and guidance and great photographs (as you would expect). Extremely pleased with my purchase."

Verified Amazon book purchaser

"Having read the book, I would seriously recommend this book to anybody learning or developing their photography skills, or to anybody new to digital photography." 

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